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 Yes We Can Playing Cards.
Inspired by Barcak Obama - His innovative vision, his new approach to politics and his strong will to change things led to Barack Obama's phenomenal rise into the white house. "We are one...and Yes we Can".
This deck offers 50 profiles of highly inspiring personalities who initiated changes through talent and determination.
The new 5°Dimension playing cards game allows for playing all traditional card games as well as a multitude of new games. In adding a fifth suit, the Stars and a few new cards as well as in integrating a few new concepts, 5°Dimension playing cards offer the very interesting opportunity to play the most popular.
One of the main motivations behind modifying playing cards was to increase the number of cards in order to eliminate the four player limit. To ensure this specific objective of 5°Dimension playing card game was satisfied, a fifth suit is added: the Stars. The five branches Star, for the fifth dimension, is a simple and universal symbol which can just as well be associated to the ancient past of playing cards than to the future they symbolize in the new game. Thus, the addition of the fifth suit, the Stars, offers prestige, diversity, modernity and depth to the traditional card game.
Also, it was add three cards: the new 1, the Suit Joker and Princess cards, plus the fifth suits addition, literally makes playing cards evolve. The change is clearly not only superficial.
We will never play cards the same way.
Is it not true to claim that the 5°Dimension playing card game is the reinvented playing card game?

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